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LightweaVR - A UE4 Game Jam Entry

A VR Puzzler. Weave new patterns from old ones based on clues provided.

(NOTE: Video is a play-through and has spoilers)

    * VR-Ready PC (recommended at least a GPU of  GTX 1070 & i5 proc or equivalent)
    * Playtested with the Oculus Rift (with touch).
    * Should however work with the Vive fine as touch control triggers/interactions were also mapped to ensure cross-compatibility (Check controls section for details)

To Start:
    * Touch the center of the growing color tentacles in front of you. 
    * Listen to the voice prompts to get hints and/or look up ;) 
    * First puzzle text should get you acquainted with the rules, if you forget the hint it's 
       "make the pyramid the right side (point) up" - GOOD LUCK! 


Re-work the light threads in the Loom (puzzle Grid) to form a new shape indicated from in-game hints, by grabbing and moving the colored light swirls to the correct spots in the loom (yellow part only, gray are boundaries).

Use the corner colored spheres in the boundaries to act as an orientation guide (notice they match the colors of hte light swirls) ;)

    * If you're stuck, it helps to place the swirls outside the grid spreading them apart so you can visualize your planned weave pattern first before attempting to place them in the loom.

    * If you look up, a text prompt will appear to provide hints on the current puzzle.

Trigger to Grab Light shards/spheres - Take note of their color, threads attached to them for orientation.

To move the Loom (puzzle grid) use the thumbstick. For height adjustments, use the thumbstick and grip in combination.

    * RunebergVR Plugin (Marketplace & some assets from the GitHub Project, notably alien hands & moon with NASA provided texture)
    * Some SFX from last year's Epic MegaJam entry
    * Soundimage.org for main ambient sound

All other assets and code were built specifically for the UE4 Jam.


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interesting gameplay, was this made using blueprints or C++ of unreal engine? 

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Thanks for the feedback. This was written in BP :)

I'm really fond of this gameplay as I've always wanted to make a puzzler that's super suited for VR/AR. So fond in fact that I'm continuing working on this game and have recently started to move things to C++ for efficiency and allow me to easily expand the gameplay mechanics:


Plan to release an expansion on the gameplay mechanic this weekend btw ;)

Will be posting in Twitter or my YouTube channel if you want to follow along and see the progress as it happens: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUwqylv61tFggp6sIcNH6w?view_as=subscriber